A New Dimension in the Quest for Understanding Dark Matter

Now, theoretical particle physicists on the College of California, Riverside, and his colleagues have printed a analysis paper in Journal of Excessive Vitality Physics

which reveals how theories suggesting the existence of a brand new kind of drive can assist clarify the character of darkish matter.

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“We dwell in an ocean of darkish matter, however we all know little or no about what it’s,” stated Flip Tanedo, assistant professor of physics and astronomy and senior creator of the paper. “It is probably the most annoying unknowns in nature. We all know it is there, however we do not know methods to search for it or why it is not displaying up the place we anticipate it to be.”

Physicists have been utilizing telescopes, large underground experiments, and impactors to study extra about darkish matter for the previous 30 years, though no constructive proof has materialized. The unfavorable proof, nonetheless, has compelled theoretical physicists like Tanedo to suppose extra creatively about what darkish matter is.

The brand new analysis, which proposes the existence of an additional dimension in space-time in quest of darkish matter, is a part of an ongoing analysis program at UC Riverside led by Tanedo. In line with this concept, some darkish matter particles don’t behave like particles. Consequently, the invisible particle interacts with the extra invisible particle in such a manner that the latter stops behaving like a particle.

“The aim of my analysis program over the previous two years has been to increase on the concept darkish matter ‘talks’ to darkish forces,” Tanedo stated. “Over the previous decade, physicists have realized that, along with darkish matter, hidden darkish forces can regulate darkish matter interactions. This might utterly rewrite the foundations for a way one ought to seek for darkish matter.”

If two darkish matter particles are interested in, or repelled, by one another, then the darkish forces function. Tanedo explains that darkish forces are defined mathematically by theories with further dimensions and seem as a continuum of particles that may reply the riddles seen in small galaxies.

“Our ongoing analysis program at UCR is an extra generalization of the darkish forces proposal,” he stated. “The universe we observe has three spatial dimensions. We suggest that there could also be a fourth dimension recognized solely to the darkish forces. The additional dimensions might clarify why darkish matter hid so properly from our makes an attempt to review it within the laboratory.”

Tanedo explains that whereas further dimensions might sound like an unique thought, they’re really a mathematical trick to explain “conformal discipline concept” – an extraordinary three-dimensional concept that could be very quantum mechanical. This kind of concept is mathematically wealthy, however doesn’t comprise standard particles and so is normally not thought-about related for describing nature. The mathematical equivalence between this difficult three-dimensional concept and the easier-to-understand extra-dimensional concept is named the holographic precept.

“As a result of these conformal discipline theories are harsh and strange, they aren’t actually utilized systematically to darkish matter,” Tanedo added. “As a substitute of utilizing that language, we’re working with holographic extra-dimensional concept.”

The primary function of the extra-dimensional concept is that the forces between darkish matter particles are described by an infinite variety of completely different particles with completely different lots known as a continuum. In distinction, the extraordinary model is described by one kind of particle with a set mass. This continuum-dark sector class appeals to Tanedo for doing one thing “contemporary and completely different”.

In line with Tanedo, earlier work at the hours of darkness sector centered totally on theories that mimic the conduct of seen particles. His analysis program explores a extra excessive kind of concept that the majority particle physicists discover much less engaging, maybe as a result of there aren’t any real-world analogues.

In Tanedo’s concept, the forces between darkish matter particles are surprisingly completely different from the forces felt by extraordinary matter.

“For the gravitational drive or the electrical drive I train in my introductory physics course, while you double the gap between two particles, you cut back the drive by an element of 4. The continuum drive, alternatively, is diminished by an element of eight.”

What are the implications of this further dimensional darkish energy? Since extraordinary matter might not work together with these darkish forces, Tanedo turned to the concept of ​​darkish matter interacting by itself, an thought pioneered by Hai-Bo Yu, a professor of physics and astronomy at UCR who was not a co-author on the paper. Yu confirmed that even within the absence of interactions with regular matter, the results of those darkish forces could be noticed not directly in dwarf spheroidal galaxies. Tanedo’s crew discovered that the continuum drive can reproduce the motions of the noticed stars.

“Our mannequin goes a step additional and makes it simpler than the interacting darkish matter mannequin alone to clarify the origin of cosmic darkish matter,” Tanedo stated.

Subsequent, the Tanedo crew will discover a continuum model of the “darkish photon” mannequin.

“It is a extra life like image for the darkish forces,” Tanedo stated. “Darkish photons have been studied in nice element, however our extra-dimensional framework has some surprises. We may even look into darkish drive cosmology and black gap physics.”

Tanedo has been working diligently to establish “blind spots” in his crew’s darkish matter search.

“My analysis program targets one of many assumptions we make about particle physics: that particle interactions are greatest described by the alternate of extra particles,” he stated. “Though that’s true for extraordinary matter, there is no such thing as a purpose to imagine that for darkish matter. Their interactions could be defined by a continuum of interchangeable particles reasonably than simply exchanging one kind of particle drive.”

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