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Paid traffic is one way to increase visitors from blogs, there are many types of paid traffic including CPC. Paid traffic CPC / Cost Per Click is a type of paid traffic that definitely gets visitors by paying a slightly higher cost than CPM / Cost Per Mile, but with paid traffic, you are sure to get unique visitors to your blog.

Here’s a little understanding of CPC Paid Traffic, to shorten the time directly on how to install paid CPC traffic that can increase your income.

Ads Only Page

To increase your CTR and income, please create a special page that contains ads that we will promote so that the chances of being clicked are higher, for an example of the page, please see the page that the admin created.

Ads Only Page


  • Login/Register on the TRIV site to buy crypto coins

Sign up now

  • Click Wallet and Click Deposit
  • Choose Payment Method
  • Fill in the nominal amount (min: 60,000)
  • Buy TRX coins to transfer to the CPC site

If you have now go to the CPC site and place an Ad

Situs Pay To Click

  • Login/Register to Faucet site

Sign up now

  • In purchase balance, click deposit
  • Choose TRX coin for deposit
  • Open the Triv APP earlier and send Click send on TRX Wallet
  • Copy and paste the TRX address on the Faucet to TRIV
  • Click continue and wait for the coin to be sent
  • If it is, the Purchase Ballance will be filled

How to Install CPC Ads

  • Click the advertise menu on the faucet site
  • Select Surf Ads on the type of ad, don’t make the wrong choice of windows because it’s just an iframe
  • Please fill in the link and ad title, title please use a title with interesting keywords
  • For Demographic Filtering, fill in the country with a high CPC.
  • If you have, please click Confirm and wait for the Review process
  • If the review process is complete, a button to activate ads will appear
Begitulah cara memakai situs faucet untuk bermain Paid Traffict CPC, silahkan anda coba dan anda sesuaikan pengaturan iklan dan targetting negara agar penghasilan anda meningkat.
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