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The Cleveland Browns are an NFL team that has struggled over the past few decades. They’ve only made the playoffs twice since returning to Cleveland in 1999, and they haven’t won a playoff game since 1993. But thanks to some great coaching and some key acquisitions on draft day, the Browns have turned things around this decade. They’re currently riding high at 9-1 with games left against Baltimore (at home) and Cincinnati (on the road). If they can win those two games as well as their next two against Tennessee and Indy, then they’ll be sitting pretty at 10-1 heading into their Week 12 bye week…

2018 – 441

  • Record for wins
  • Record for losses
  • Record for ties
  • Record for points scored: 194 (most since 1917)
  • Record for points allowed: 191 (fewest since 1952)
  • Turnovers: 27 (most ever in a season)

Sack yardage: 541 – 4th-most all time; 2nd only to former Browns QB Johnny Manziel’s record of 602 in 2012 when he was playing with another team called the Kansas City Chiefs!

2017 – 511

The Cleveland Browns had a 5-11 record in 2017.

The Browns had a record of 5-11 in 2017.

2016 – 560

In 2016, the Cleveland Browns had a record of 560-550-10. This was good enough to win the AFC North and make it to the playoffs but they lost in the AFC Championship game and then again in their first playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns would also lose their first two Divisional round games (against Tennessee Titans & Houston Texans) before winning a wildcard matchup against Indianapolis Colts with help from Josh Gordon’s 154 yards receiving on just 3 receptions!

2015 – 650

The Cleveland Browns set a new team record with 650 points scored in 2015. That’s the most points they’ve ever scored in a single season, and it’s also the third-most points ever scored by an NFL team. This season, the Browns had just four games where they didn’t score at least 30 points—two of those were wins against playoff teams (Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals).

The Browns won five games by more than 20 points during their run to this record; three of those five came against AFC North opponents (Baltimore Ravens twice), while one came against NFC North opponent Chicago Bears (a 27-0 win).

2014 – 710

In 2014, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon set the record for most receiving yards by a player in their first two seasons of play. He ended his rookie year with 710 yards and six touchdowns. There were several other standout performances that season—Ben Roethlisberger threw for 511 passing yards against the Cincinnati Bengals on November 19th; Andrew Luck passed for 400 yards against San Diego on September 29th; and Eli Manning threw for 398 passing yards against New England on September 8th.

2013 – 840

The Browns set the record in 2013 when they lost to the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals.

The Browns also lost to the Vikings and Chiefs.

2012 – 770

The 2012 Browns were the first team to win a game in the new era of the NFL after losing the previous one, and they were also the first Cleveland Browns team to do so. They beat Pittsburgh 27-20 on November 6th, 2012 at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.

2011 – 720

The Cleveland Browns have improved their record each of the last six seasons.

In 2011, this team won the AFC North with a 10-6 record. In 2012, they went 11-5 and made it to the playoffs for just the second time since 2002 (the first being in 2001). In 2013, they went 12-4 and won another division title before losing in their first playoff game against Baltimore Ravens 21-28.. In 2014, Cleveland made it back to postseason by beating New England Patriots 45-42 on Sunday Night Football with quarterback Johnny Manziel playing great throughout his entire career ending up as Rookie of Year winner while also earning Pro Bowl honors at running back alongside LeSean McCoy who was named AFC Defensive Player Of Week 3 after recording 45 yards rushing against Miami Dolphins defense that week

2010 – 690

In 2010, the Cleveland Browns went 690-1, with a record of 690 wins and one loss. The team scored 717 points and allowed just 482 points over the course of the season. They won their first seven games before losing to Pittsburgh on October 18th in Week 8. The Browns would go on to lose two more games before regaining their winning ways by beating out Kansas City in Week 12, followed by another win over Oakland in Week 13 (for an overall record of 10-6).

In 2011 they had a bit more success with 11 wins at 10 losses (-1) but still finished last place overall at 4-12 (.250). It was only after firing head coach Eric Mangini that Cleveland made gains towards respectability as they won 9 out of 12 games under new head coach Pat Shurmur during his first year at helm; however there weren’t enough victories to overcome teams like Baltimore Ravens or New York Jets who finished ahead on point differential alone so no playoff berth was secured despite reaching .500 balloting percentage amongst fans.*

2009 – 690

The Browns’ 2009 season was the worst in the last decade. The team went 1-15 and had the worst record in the AFC North. It also marked the first time since 2002 that they had finished with a losing record, and they were one game shy of matching their worst (1-13) from 1995.

The next year, head coach Eric Mangini was fired after leading Cleveland to a 6-10 record; he had been hired prior to this season as interim coach after Romeo Crennel left for New England at 4-12 after one year with Cleveland.

2008 – 630

In 2008, the Browns finished with a record of 6-10. This was their first winning season since 2002 and it was also the team’s first time exceeding five wins since 2006. The Browns made it to the playoffs in 2007 but lost to Baltimore after they had defeated Pittsburgh at home earlier that season.

In 2008, Cleveland had an extremely young roster: Brady Quinn (QB), Derek Anderson (QB), Ted Ginn Jr., Kellen Winslow Jr., Braylon Edwards (WR), Josh Cribbs (KR/PR) were only four players over 30 years old that season!

Towards the end of their losing streak however there were some bright spots for Cleveland fans: rookie QB Brandon Weeden became a starter midway through 2009 due to an injury suffered by DEREK ANDERSON during training camp; Joe Haden stepped up as a lockdown corner who would prove himself capable enough over what turned out being his entire career so far – this despite being selected among all NFL rookies last year just because he didn’t play college football which means anywhere else except maybe Texas Tech – but still managed some impressive performances against top opponents like Demaryius Thomas whom we’ll get back into later on after talking about him since he’s been one helluva player ever since entering NCAA football back in 2004 under coach Tom Herman who led Texas A&M University

2007 – 590

  • 2007 – 590
  • In the 2007 season, Cleveland Browns finished 5-11. They were in the AFC North, which is a division made up of teams from Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The Browns are also in the AFC Central, which includes Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Tennessee as well as Jacksonville (formerly Carolina). The Browns are also in the NFC East with Dallas and Washington while they’re in their own conference as well–the American Football Conference (AFC) South!

The Cleveland Browns have improved their record each of the last six seasons.

The Cleveland Browns have improved their record each of the last six seasons.

In 2010, the team finished 7-9 and missed the playoffs for a fifth straight season. In 2011, they went 10-6 and made it to Super Bowl XLVI before losing to New York Giants by 31 points (20-7). In 2012, they finished 12-4 after winning their division with a 9-5 record. That same year saw them win their first ever playoff game at home against Pittsburgh Steelers in postseason action thanks on a team effort from all players wearing #6 jerseys across town at FirstEnergy Stadium on November 5th at 1 PM EST / 4 PM EDT (8pm GMT), where they were able to defeat them 24 – 16 after scoring first two goals then adding two more unanswered ones later during second half when both teams were tied 0 – 0 heading into extra time period.”


The Cleveland Browns have improved their record each of the last six seasons.

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