Alternative Sites To Play Paid Traffic CPC

Forward posting about Main Paid Traffic CPC Previously, the admin will now share 2 + 1 faucet sites that can be used to advertise your friends’ websites.

Faucetpay is a MicroWallet / Digital Wallet site to store some crypto coins for faucet players, but for those of you who want to make the faucet a place to advertise FaucetPay is used as a faucet site expansion Wallet that you will use as a place for advertising. Besides being a wallet, FaucetPay itself also provides a place to advertise.

Steps to Install Ads on FaucetPay:

  • Create Your FaucetPay Account First
  • Login to FaucetPay Account
  • On the DashBoard User Page, Click Deposits in the Menu
  • On Deposit Page Search and Find TRX Address then Tap Create Wallet / Copy Wallet Address
  • After that, make a TRX Coin Deposit through the TRIV Wallet, as in Previous Post.
  • If it has been confirmed, then on the User Dashboard page the nominal amount of the TRX Coin that is deposited will appear.
  • To Install CPC Ads First Convert TRX Coins to BTC Coins From Trade Menu > Coin Swap
  • If You Already Have BTC Coins Click Advertise Menu > Paid To Click
  • Then enter the details of the ad that you will install

AdBTC is a faucet site like CoinPayu, where AdBTC has millions of members from various countries who want to get free BTC coins from advertised ads. So you can use this site as a place to place ads, and you can do geo-targeting in which countries your ads can be displayed.

Ad Installation Steps at AdBTC :

  • Register / Login To AdBTC Account
  • Deposit TRX To Account FaucetPay You
  • Swap Koin TRX Ke Koin BTC
  • If you are already in your AdBTC account, click the Add (+) button on the Advertising Balance
  • For Amount in satoshis, please fill in the nominal amount behind the comma (,) on the BTC balance
Total Deposit Balance
Satoshis Nominal Example
  • If it is filled, click the Advertise menu > Surf Ads
  • Click Button Start New Campaign
  • Before Filling In The Data First Understand The Standards In Advertising On AdBTC
AdBTC Advertising Rules
  • If you understand, please fill in the data you want to advertise
  • Don’t Forget To Choose The Country You Want To Target, Here’s An Example Of A Target Country That The Admin Suggests With A Relatively Large CPC
  • Please Click SET If you have finished it

DutchyCorp is a faucet site that is very popular today, where on this site online users can reach tens of thousands every minute. So, if you advertise your site on this site you will get a lot of traffic in just a few minutes.

Advertising rates on this site are relatively cheap, but you cannot target countries that are allowed to see your ad, which means that all members from each country have the opportunity to see your ad.

The following are the steps for placing an ad + deposit on the DutchyCorp site

Here You Can See Some Examples Of PTC Ads From People Who Also Advertise Their Sites

  • Under Balance Click Advertising Panel

If You Have You Will Be Redirected To The Advertiser’s Page

  • View Your PTC Balance, Please Select Dutchy Coin In the Buy PTC Token With Option and Click Deposit Below Dutchy Balance
  • Follow the Instructed Steps and Choose Pay With FaucetPay
  • If the PTC balance has been filled, please fill in the data you want to advertise
  • Your Ad Data Is Below

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