How to Use the Google API Auto Indexing Tool Educate-ID

Hello Mendidik-ID friends, previously the admin apologizes for not updating blogging tips for a long time because the admin is busy in the real world.

Now the admin wants to share a solution for blogger friends who have difficulty indexing where you have to send your post links one by one to Webmaster Tools and also the daily limit of submitting Webmaster Tools itself is also a bit. The solution that the admin shares here is to use a tool that has actually been provided by Google, namely the Indexing API from Google Developers.

To access the auto indexing tools, please click the link below.

Tools Auto Index

To run these tools, you need the API from Blogger Indexing provided by Google Dev, to get the Json API, please see the tutorial below.

Creating a Google Index Json API

Google Developer
  • Enter the project name and for the location leave it the default then click create
Project Name For Auto Indexing
  • After the project has been successfully created, please click the menu bar in the upper left corner, then search for IAM & Admin and select service accounts
Auto Index Service
  • After that create a service account
Creating Service
  • Enter the service account name, I used the name according to the project earlier, if you want it to be different, please don’t worry, then create and continue
Creating the name of the service to be created
  • Then select the role that is owner and click continue
Please Fill Your Role In The Service
  • In grant users, please just skip it and click done, after that a kind of email will appear, then click the three dots in the action section then select manage keys
Setting Required Key
  • After that ADD key and create new key select type in the form of json
Generate Google Developer Keys
  • After that, the key that has been created will appear and the json file will be automatically downloaded
Json API File Already Created

Enabling the INDEXING API and Hooking It Into Google Search Console

  • Go to the following page
  • Then look for indexing api after that enable the api
Activate the Indexing API that we will use
Give API Email Access To Google Search Console

Using the Auto Index Tool

  • Open the JSON file that was downloaded earlier in Notepad, copy it and of course to tools
  • For the daily API index submission limit is 200 URLs, so please submit regularly every day.
How to Install Json API Google API Indexing
  • If you have, please click Star Index to start sending URLs to Search Console automatically
Start Auto Indexing
  • If it’s finished, please wait 24 hours or leave it alone because the URL will be indexed automatically in the google search console
Auto Indexing Status Successfully Sent To Search Console
Jadi begitulah cara menggunakan Tools Auto Indexing yang menggunakan API dari google, proses dari tools ini lumayan cepat dan otomatis jadi sobat tidak perlu submit link satu per satu di Google Search Console.

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