How to Delete Your Google Business Account

If you have a Google Business Account, you can also link your Google Pay Account to it and use that to make credit card transactions. But what happens if you decide you don’t want that? It’s not hard to delete your Google Pay Account, but it’s important to do it in the right way so that no one can use your card anymore. Here’s how to delete your Google Pay Account.

The Basics

Google Ads accounts can be a helpful and free advertising resource for your business. But, if you are going through a rebranding process or wish to stop running Google Ads ads altogether, it’s time to delete your account. Here are the steps:
1) Log into your Google Ads account 2) Click the Profile tab 3) Click the button in the top right corner of your screen that says Delete account 4) Select from the various reasons you want to delete this Google Ads account 5) Review and agree to our terms 6) Type in an email address where you’d like confirmation about deleting this account.

What If I Can’t Log In?

First, check your inbox for a message from the business team with steps on how to regain access. If you’ve received this email, then the account is still active. For example, it may have been inadvertently shut down by our systems when an email went undelivered. When you follow the steps in the email and we can verify your identity using one of your identifiers like phone number or credit card information, we will manually reactivate your account and send you another notification with login instructions. Once that happens, you can use one of our online forms to get back into all of your other G Suite accounts which were also disabled when you first couldn’t log in to business google account because they were linked together .

Where Will My Data Go?

Once you delete your Google account, you’ll have 14 days from the deletion date to download your data before it’s gone for good. Your data will be stored in a new Drive called Previous Google Account. From there, choose what data you want and then sync them to a new Google account.

Your Google Pay account can’t be deleted; however, if it is one of two accounts tied together, either through login or by SMS verification, you’ll also delete the other. It might also be helpful to know that when deleting a business account on the website that if this is your company’s only account tied to your person (again through login or SMS verification), then both accounts will be deleted.

One Final Step

Most companies have both a Google for business account and a personal google account. But if you have both, it might be time to separate your personal and business accounts. You can delete your Google business account by: logging into Google business from the settings page, clicking on edit info, scrolling down to My account and selecting the red button that says delete my Google for work.

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